Boston Events

All Boston classes are held at:
Presentation School Foundation
640 Washington Street
Brighton/Oak Square (across from the YMCA)

Classes are downstairs in the kitchen/community room. Free parking is behind the school in the lot.

To register for a class, use the registration forms below, email Warren at 
or telephone him at 617-562-1110.

All classes require advance registration. Class may be cancelled 24 hours in advance if enrollment is insufficient. Fees will be refunded in this instance. Cooking classes include a full meal and handout of recipes and instructions.

Dinner/Lecture: Aging Gracefully: The Keys to Youthfulness

In our society there is a growing concern over appearance and looking young.  The modern diet and lifestyle is a large contributing factor to aging more rapidly.  Conversely, people eating a more natural diet and living in a more balanced way often appear 5-7 years younger than one's chronological age.  Let's look at the keys to slow down the hands of time and restoring youth.

$40.00 prepaid and $45.00 at the door

Price: $40.00

Date: February 11, 2016

Available Spaces: Unlimited

The Fresh Start Program: Fundamentals of Macrobiotic Whole Foods Cooking

Come join us for this special half day program.  Whether new to natural foods or a veteran, you will benefit from this foundations class.  The cooking class will  feature a review of some of the essential styles of cooking.  A delicious full meal will be served and recipes provided.

Lecture Following Lunch: Understanding the Discharge Process

All of life is a process of taking in and giving out, which we call discharge.  Our ability to get rid of what we do not need and utilize what we do need greatly determines our health.  Warren explains how to make this process as efficient as possible to enhance the quality of our health and life.

$85.00 prepaid and $90.00 at the door

Price: $85.00

Date: February 20, 2016

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Dinner/Lecture: Drink Your Milk? The Real Truth About Bone Health

Osteoporosis and bone issues are increasing in the U.S. and this health issue is widely misunderstood.  The idea that if we consume more milk and dairy foods our bones will be strong is simply not true.  The U.S. is one of the largest consumers of dairy in the world and at the same time we have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis.  Something is just not right.  Let's look art what is really behind the bone issue.

$40.00 prepaid and $45.00 at the door

Price: $40.00

Date: February 24, 2016

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Dinner/Lecture: Healing Emotional Eating

Food for many people is so much more than nourishment.  We eat for many reasons such as sad events and happy ones, worry, fear, boredom, anger and so many others.  Too often this emotional eating leads to numerous health issues, not just overweight.  It can keep us stuck in our life.  Let's look at how to break this pattern and be free.

Price: $40.00

Date: March 16, 2016

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Women's Day of Health and Vibrancy Workshop

This exciting and inspiring one day workshop is guaranteed to transform the way you take care of your well being!  We have designed a program that we feel will nourish you on many levels.
Program Schedule:
8:15am arrive
8:30am-10:00am  Yoga: Partake in an awakening, purifying and strengthening morning hatha yoga practice.  This class will cultivate a state of physical and mental clarity and power incorporating asana, pranayama and meditation.
Breakfast following yoga
10:15am-12:30pm  Cooking Class: Cooking to Support Women's Health
Women have very different needs when it comes to food and nutrition compared to those of men.  We will discuss the essential adjustments to make for women to feel their best and we will also prepare a number of delicious, satisfying dishes for lunch.  A full meal will be served and recipes provided.
1:15-2:45pm  Lecture 1: Women's Health Concerns: The Liver and Spleen
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said that the liver controls a woman's health more than any other organ.  Issues such as migraines, fibroids, headaches, PMS, irritability and so many more are liver related.  The spleen controls the menstrual cycle and sweet cravings.  This lecture will surely demystify many of women's health issues.
3:00-4:00pm  Lecture 2: Menu Planning Made Easy
A simple, clear approach to planning practical healthy meals for a busy life.  Great handouts in this class.
4:15-5:15pm  Yoga: Wrap up your day of transformation with a yoga practice based on calmness and stability in body, mind and spirit.  Find a new sense of freedom and ability to remain calm in the midst of
turbulence and change.  We practice 61 points and Yoga Nidra to soothe us into stillness.
Warren Kramer and Paulette Harwood Lamparelli
Workshop Location:
Presentation School Foundation
640 Washington St.
Brighton 02135(Oak Square)
Across from the YMCA(downstairs in the kitchen/community room)
Free parking in the lot behind the school
$150.00 when prepaid by April 1, 2016
$175.00 thereafter(if space is available)
To Register: on calendar and then Boston events)
Or send a check to:
Warren Kramer
28 Perthshire Road unit 2
Brighton, MA. 02135

Price: $150.00

Date: April 16, 2016

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Macrobiotic Events

Cooking classes, lectures and counseling

Price: $

Date: May 12, 2016

Available Spaces: Unlimited