Boston Events

All Boston classes are held at:
Presentation School Foundation
640 Washington Street
Brighton/Oak Square (across from the YMCA)

Classes are downstairs in the kitchen/community room. Free parking is behind the school in the lot.

To register for a class, use the registration forms below, email Warren at 
or telephone him at 617-562-1110.

All classes require advance registration. Class may be cancelled 24 hours in advance if enrollment is insufficient. Fees will be refunded in this instance. Cooking classes include a full meal and handout of recipes and instructions.

Aging Gracefully: The Keys to Youthfulness

Our modern diet and lifestyles are causing people to age quickly and prematurely.  We've become obsessed with our appearance and staying young.  There is truly a way to keep our freshness, brightness and youthful appearance throughout our life.  People living a more natural lifestyle and eating grains and vegetables appear 5-7 years younger than their age. Warren will explain how to use food, exercise and lifestyle to capture the real fountain of youth!


Fee: $40 prepaid or $45 at the door

Price: $40.00

Date: October 19, 2016

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Cooking to Nourish the Kidneys and Boost Vitality!

Late Fall is the perfect time of the year to create specific nourishing dishes to support the kidneys.  The kidneys are re-charging during the winter months and they influence our vitality.  These dishes are also perfect for osteoporosis, anemia, fatigue, depression, inflammation and other health concerns.  A delicious full meal will be served and recipes provided. Your kidneys will thank you!


Fee: $50 prepaid or $55 at the door

Price: $50.00

Date: November 16, 2016

Available Spaces: Unlimited