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What is a macrobiotic health consultation?

Health consultations are one-on-one meetings between you and a macrobiotic counselor to discuss your particular needs and to receive individualized recommendations for how to strengthen or regain your health. The recommendations will touch upon many aspects of diet and lifestyle from specific foods or dishes that will help to improve your health to daily practices such as walking, sitting down for regular meals or doing a body rub. Your recommendations are specific to you and based on macrobiotic principles of health and well-being.

What is meant by “macrobiotic principles”?

The word Macrobiotics is derived from the Greek words “macro” meaning “large” or “great” and “bio” meaning life. So a “great life”! (who wouldn’t want that?). Macrobiotics has been around for thousands of years and was used by Hippocrates.

Macrobiotics teaches that the quality of our health is primarily determined by our daily food choices (we literally are what we eat!) as well as our activities and lifestyle. Each day – through our choices – we can create or lose our health.

Do I have to have a specific illness or problem to come for a consult?

Individuals seek health consultations for various reasons. Some have serious health challenges such as cancer. Others are trying to either better manage or eliminate a long-standing problem such as diabetes or obesity. And still others, while not experiencing any significant health problems, are interested in improving their energy levels, proactively preventing problems and exploring a new approach to health guided by macrobiotic principles.

Macrobiotics can be followed in conjunction with Western Medicine or hand-in-hand with “complementary” therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.

Many people have regular (i.e., once or twice a year) consultations to check how their health is progressing. Most people who are new to macrobiotics find it helpful to return to see their counselor on a more regular basis from the beginning. This is especially true if you are recovering from a serious illness.

What are Warren Kramer’s qualifications as a provider of health consultations?

Warren has been providing macrobiotic health consultations for 19 years. He has studied at premier macrobiotic schools including The Kushi Institute, The Strengthening Health Institute, The Nova Institute (Colorado) and Kiental (Switzerland). For 11 years, Warren had the unique opportunity to work daily with Michio Kushi seeing thousands of individuals with various health concerns. Warren scribed for these individuals and provided their follow-up care. This practical, hands-on experience provided Warren with a wealth of knowledge. Warren continues to study at Schools and with teachers from around the world in order to continue to develop his skill as a counselor.

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Explain what specifically happens during a consult

Completing a health care questionnaire

Prior to the consultation you will be mailed a health questionnaire to complete and bring with you to your appointment. Completing this form will help you to clarify the concerns and questions you want to raise during your visit. A written summary of this information in advance provides Warren with an immediate comprehensive picture of your current health status and allows him to focus on making recommendations and discussing your needs rather than spending time collecting background data.

Evaluating your health status

In addition to the information contained in the questionnaire, Warren will also use Asian diagnosis to understand your current health status. By looking at your face, hands and feet he will be able to gain important insights into how well your underlying organs are functioning and any problems which may be developing. Asian diagnosis teaches that each organ has an energy meridian that runs along the surface of the body indicating the health of the related organ. Any changes observed along the meridian – such as color or temperature changes, rashes or markings may indicate a problem.

Discussing observations and making recommendations

The information from the questionnaire along with the Asian diagnosis observations is combined to make specific recommendations to help improve your health. These recommendations will be discussed with you in-depth during the consultation.

Will I receive any information to take home with me?

Yes, you will receive a well-organized, comprehensive 100 page booklet containing recipes, home remedies, lists of food to emphasize or avoid, and other valuable information. Warren regularly revises this resource guide to ensure it provides the most relevant, up-to-date information. You will also receive a written set of the specific recommendations Warren made for you during the consult.

Will I need a follow-up appointment?

At the end of the consultation, Warren will discuss with you whether a follow-up visit would be beneficial. Most people who are new to macrobiotics find it helpful in the beginning to return every few months to check their progress, discuss in-detail questions or concerns that arose since the last visit, have their condition checked using Asian diagnosis, etc. Regular follow-up visits are particularly helpful if you are recovering from a serious illness.

How long is an appointment and how would I schedule one?

Initial appointments are 1- 2 hours. Follow-up appointments are 1 ½ hours. Consultations are given at Warren’s home office in Brighton, MA (Oak Square) or available via Skype or Facetime. To schedule an appointment contact Warren at 617-562-1110,, or submit the form below.

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