“I met Warren Kramer in October 1999. At that time, I’d been following a macrobiotic diet for 10 months. Warren helped me tailor the diet and lifestyle to my specific condition (recovery from breast cancer). His lectures, cooking classes, consultations, and his own example of practicing macrobiotics greatly helped me in my path back toward vibrant health. His encouragement and faith in me were extremely supportive. I’ll be forever grateful to Warren for his guidance and dedication.”

-Meg Wolff, Author of Becoming Whole, The Story of My Complete Recovery From Breast Cancer, and Breast Cancer Exposed

“In the world of macrobiotic educators, cooks and counselors Warren Kramer is a treasure. It is rare to find an educator who is not only a superb macrobiotic cook but also a caring, knowledgeable counselor and teacher. My health continues to improve as a result of Warren’s insightful and practical counseling about my personal diet and lifestyle. My cooking remains varied and fresh thanks to Warren’s hand-on cooking demonstrations as well as the example he sets with the superbly balanced and delicious meals he serves regularly. And his lectures and workshops continue to equip me with the knowledge to guide my health and help my family and friends. I feel truly blessed to have access to such an incredible resource in the macrobiotic community”. –Susan Baumgarten

“Over the last thirteen years I have found Warren’s health counsel to be extremely valuable. I have consulted with him on a variety of health issues – some of which conventional medical practitioners were unable to account for. When I followed his suggestions of nutritional and lifestyle changes I was able to improve my condition without medication or surgery.” –John OLeary

“I’ve been attending Warren’s lectures and cooking classes for over a year and they have been tremendous! Knowing that there are only a handful of astute, skilled MB counselors in the country I feel extremely fortunate to have Warren here in Boston. I also brought my 2 year-old son for MB counseling to better treat his eczema condition that he’s had since birth and Warren was extremely patient and focused in making his recommendations. His eczema disappeared by 90% within 2 weeks! My husband and I are so thankful… ” –Courtney Park