Health is a natural state that the human body is always trying to maintain on our health. Many people define health as an absence of illness. This is not a very dynamic way to look at health. We see health in a more vital positive way. Barometers of health include:

  • good energy or no fatigue,
  • sleeping well,
  • having a good appetite, especially for simple food,
  • regular daily bowel movements,
  • good memory
  • and other important aspects for a healthy person.

As health problems develop one or more of these barometers become an issue. Sickness does not develop overnight. The macrobiotic approach to health enables us to see our direction and make necessary adjustments, before serious issues develop. We can then live a fulfilling, exciting life.


Lifestyle practices that keep you healthy:

  • Sit down at the same time each day for meals. Try it – you’ll be amazed! When you sit down and pay attention to what you eat, you’ll eat less. And eating meals at close to the same time each day keeps important body functions like sleep, menstruation, bowels (yup!), regular too.
  • Chew your food well – you’ll eat less and enjoy it more (and your stomach will thank you)
  • Do a body rub daily. After your bath or shower, take 10 minutes to gently rub your body with a warm washcloth. This activates your circulation and promotes deep cleansing.
  • Fill the spaces you spend lots of time in like offices and bedrooms with green plants – they are potent air purifiers
  • Walk every day – 30 minutes each day is all it takes.
  • And don’t forget to sing happy songs, read uplifting books, see funny movies – laughter is still the best medicine. Be Happy!

These lifestyle recommendations are based on the observations and teachings of Denny Waxman and are explained in detail in his book entitled “The Great Life Diet”, a must read for everyone interested in strengthening their health!

The Great Life Diet will directly improve the quality of your life. The essence of practicing macrobiotics in a balanced way is found in this inspiring book by Denny Waxman, internationally recognized counselor, teacher and author in the field of macrobiotic education. The principles clearly explained in this book are the fundamentals of my own counseling practice and how I live my own life.
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