Vegetarian Times – Oct.2008, Warren Kramer quoted in the “Macro-Minded, Holistic Holiday At Sea” Article

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Macrobiotics 101 Lecture Series
Lecture 1: Macrobiotics 101 Part 1
Lecture 2: Macrobiotics 101 Part 2
Lecture 3: What do Yin & Yang have to do with me?
Lecture 4: Straight Bowel Talk
Lecture 5: Cooking For Life – The Art of Macrobiotic Cooking
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“From Junk Food to Whole Foods”

Growing up in New York my diet centered around pizza, bagels, chicken, cookies, candy and my vegetable of choice was ketchup. Due to my high activity level I was able to maintain my weight in spite of my poor food choices. I continued eating these foods through college even as an athlete on a tennis scholarship. I did not make the connection between my performance on the court and what I was eating.

Upon graduating college I met a woman teaching macrobiotic cooking classes at the tennis club I was working at. She had very thought provoking answers to questions I had about nutrition, health and cravings. She easily persuaded me to try the natural foods she was preparing. The truth is that I wanted a date with her so I was willing to eat whatever she put in front of me! I enjoyed some of the food however I found some dishes to be quite bland. I was told that my taste buds needed to adjust to the true taste of the food. I decided to be patient and give this new way of eating a try. As I stopped the pizza and French fries and other greasy foods I noticed myself gravitating towards lots of nuts, nut butters, tahini and seeds. It was very helpful to try and replace the poor quality fatty foods with a healthier quality oil from the nuts and seeds. I still had a difficult time being satisfied with vegetable dishes. When I discovered the use of different natural salad dressings that can be used on steamed, blanched and pressed vegetables I was able to enjoy vegetables more. Lemon-tahini dressing for instance brought vegetables and myself together! I found that tofu could also be transformed into a delicious creamy sour dressing as well.

There are two things that made a big difference for me as I pursued this healthier way of eating and living. First, I continued to go to cooking classes each week. Not that I really practiced the dishes we were shown, but I had the opportunity to taste natural foods cooked really well. I now had an image of what the food can be like. I realized that I could not get that from a cookbook.

Secondly, I was taken to my first natural foods restaurant by a friend and sample some very delicious meals. My cravings for nuts and seeds were diminished by ordering stir-fried brown rice and vegetables with deep-fried tempeh. Tempura vegetables were a superb replacement for French fries. Pan-fried udon noodles with vegetables and tofu was just the richness I was looking for. Hearty sandwiches made with sourdough bread made me forget about cream cheese on bagels and cold cuts on rolls. Hummus (chickpea spread) and falafel was a great substitute for fried chicken and oily pizza. At a cooking class I was introduced to fruit compote. The sweetness and richness from stewed dried apricots garnished with toasted chopped almonds helped me get refined sugar out of my diet. I learned about amasake (fermented sweet brown rice beverage), rice syrup, carrot juice and a natural remedy called sweet vegetable drink. I became satisfied on these mild sweets.

During the first year of my practice of macrobiotics my body was going through big changes as I stopped eating the food I grew up with. My body was eliminating those old foods through chills, slight fever now and then, some aches and pains but they would just come and go. I just gave myself the permission to rest more, get extra sleep and let my body adjust to these changes. I noticed a greater sense of vitality, more stamina on the tennis court, improved flexibility, my skin became clearer and I looked more youthful even though I was only 21 at the time. I became clearer mentally and I felt happier! I was very excited about my new relationship with whole grains and vegetables. To my surprise I did not miss my pizza and bagels.

Twenty years have passed and I now am a macrobiotic counselor and cooking teacher, traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe educating people about the benefits of natural foods.


Warren Kramer, Senior Macrobiotic Counselor & Teacher
Article published in “Cause & Effect”, Premier Issue, Spring 2008
“How foods influence our Health, Emotions, Behavior and Appearance”