Warren Kramer

Warren Kramer is an internationally recognized macrobiotic counselor, educator and cooking instructor. For the past 30 years, he has studied and lived the macrobiotic way of life. Warren teaches the macrobiotic approach to health and wellness, including principles of food selection and preparation, exercise, work and personal relationships.


Guiding others to strengthen or recover their health is an incredibly rewarding experience. As a macrobiotic health counselor, Warren has gained extensive experience in doing just that on a daily basis. Individuals seek health consultations with Warren for a wide variety of reasons ranging from recovering from a life-threatening illness to improving their general health even though no specific medical problems exist. The Macrobiotic approach has a proven track record in helping to manage or eliminate an array of health challenges from weight loss and fatigue to diabetes and cancer.

For more than 10 years Warren had the unique opportunity to work on a daily basis with Michio Kushi, the most established and recognized leader of Macrobiotics throughout the world. As Michio’s assistant, Warren helped guide thousands of people with a myriad of health concerns. In addition, Warren spent 6 years traveling extensively throughout the world, teaching cooking in individual households and assisting people in the recovery of their health.

Warren maintains an active counseling practice in Brighton, MA. Please contact him for more information or to schedule an appointment.


From cooking classes to group lectures, community events to private study sessions, Warren has been active in providing education at the individual, group and community level. Warren serves as a faculty member at several distinguished educational centers including The Kushi Institute (Becket, MA), and The Strengthening Health Institute (Philadelphia, PA). He is a member of the Macrobiotic Educators’ Association.

Warren has taught in such places as the United Nations Macrobiotic Society, The Kushi Institute of Northern Europe, Bread and Circus/Whole Foods Markets, Barnes & Nobles Bookstores, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, temples, health conferences and tennis clubs. (Warren is a former tennis professional).

Professional Cook

Unsurpassed. Superb. Inspiring. These are just a few of the adjectives others have used to describe Warren’s abilities not only as an exceptional cook but also as an instructor who can teach anyone to be a good cook.

Strong health begins in the kitchen. And preparing nutritious, balanced meals in a reasonable amount of time can be done even with hectic work and family schedules. Warren offers cooking classes for all levels of cooks from novice to professional. Learn the essentials of food preparation and establish basic cooking skills and you’ll soon be enjoying macrobiotic-style dishes. You’ll taste and feel the difference.